Robby Kojetin

Motivational & Mental Health Speaker - Johannesburg
Robby Kojetin Motivational Speaker


About Robby Kojetin

Robby takes the audiences on a journey that is raw and authentic from the operating table to the top of the world and beyond.

After a crippling climbing accident, in 2006, which severely broke both of his ankles, confined to a wheelchair for almost a year and crippled by mounting debt, Robby relives his experience of hitting absolute rock bottom before masterfully guiding his audience through one of the most inspiring and entertaining accounts of determination in an awe-inspiring search of a life worth living for.

Robby's childhood dream to climb the highest mountain on Earth would ironically save his life.

From those dark days, Robby has become the embodiment of perseverance and possibility, overcoming the odds to join the handful of people who have summited Mount Everest.

Robby Kojetin Mental Health Speaker


More About Robby Kojetin

Published author, business owner, having visited 36 countries, climbed 5 of the Seven Summits, including Mount Everest, and 10 summits of Kilimanjaro, set foot on 6 of the 7 continents, swam in the Amazon, descended the deepest mine on Earth, crossed the Ironman finish line...and still nowhere near done!

Book Robby Kojetin to lead and inspire your people to take on even the greatest of challenges and rewrite what is possible.

“My story takes the audience through the decisions and steps I took to turn my life around and begin an impossible journey to rebuild a life worth living for.”

“In 928 days, I managed to push myself a little more each day until I was able to realise a teenage dream and summit the highest mountain in the world.”

Robby Kojetin Speaker


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