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Musician & Soft Rock Band - Johannesburg
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About Ross Learmonth

Ross Learmonth, best recognised as the iconic voice behind the hits ‘She Always Gets What She Wants’, ‘Consider Me’ and ‘Pretty Like the Sun’ and as the public knows him, the lead singer of South African rock royalty Prime Circle, is now stepping into the spotlight as a solo artist as a way for him to explore his own musical sound and push his boundaries.

Ross is a M. Night Shyamalan fan (The Sixth Sense), noting that he’s an amazing director. He enjoys Jordan Peele’s movies (Nope, Us). But does tend to lean more towards horror movies; “they feel more like an event and it’s always hilarious to see your friends scared to death. A good horror comes down to the script. It is an art form.”

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More About Ross Learmonth

In his free time, Ross loves to paint. It’s something he wishes he did more of, but once he’s on a roll it’s hard to stop. He’s always sketched and painted since he was a youngster. He loves having works in progress around. Maybe one day he’ll have an exhibition, “that’s always been a dream of mine.”

Ross has spent the past three years travelling around the world and writing with artists where he went and is ready to release his debut solo album. As a taste, he’s recently released his third single, Young, a song as Learmonth says, “to celebrate the moment by not allowing time to dictate our age and how we perceive ourselves in this short but beautiful time we have on this planet”.

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