Speciality Acts

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African Massage Ladies

African Massage LadiesSpeciality ActsJohannesburg & Cape Town

This is a popular treat at functions especially when tourists are the guests. The ladies are traditionally dressed and will give either neck and shoulder, hand or feet massages. The massage would last 5 to 10 minutes per person and before the massage a traditional african hand wash would be performed on the client.


AcrobatsSpeciality ActsJohannesburg & Cape Town

We recommend a group of five Acrobats to provide a high impact fast moving show. They create jaw dropping human pyramids. They tumble and demonstrate amazing contortion and acrobatic skills, all performed with a touch of humour. The performance act is usually about 6/8 minutes long. They are also available as a roaming act for an hour performing tricks and acrobatic moves.

Adagio Strength Act

Adagio Strength ActSpeciality ActsJohannesburg & Cape Town

This amazing Duo Strength Act known as an Adagio Act is just a spectacular show to watch. We have a few teams of skilled performers / acrobats who do this amazing show. Most commonly booked as a male / female speciality act we also offer a duo female strength act as well as a duo male strength act. And every now and again we book this act out as a trio. Be sure to get in touch for a quotation. There is no doubt your guests will be wowed!

Adult Face Painters

Adult Face PaintersSpeciality ActsJohannesburg & Cape Town

We offer two types of Face Painting - Madam Zingara Style or Moyo (Dot) Style. Madam Zingara style can either be full face painting or small designs. The size of design dictates the number of faces completed in an hour. A moyo or dot face painter can complete 15 to 20 faces in an hour.

Body Paint Walls

Body Paint WallsSpeciality ActsJohannesburg & Cape Town

This act utilises the human body as a canvas, where a painter can turn a person into a walking, breathing piece of art. Using body paints, the artist can paint eloborate patterns onto the skin, blending them into the surrounding scenery. Mostly a beautiful backdrop is used. The act is usually performed live from about halfway thru the painting process so that the guests can enjoy the experience. Length of act varies depending on client requirements.

Can Can Dancers

Can Can DancersSpeciality ActsJohannesburg & Cape Town

We recommend a minimum of 3 Can Can Dancers. They are traditionally dressed and a variety of colours are available. Usually they will arrive to do a meet and greet with the guests then perform a one song dance and be available for photo opportunities afterwards.

Caricature Artist

Caricature ArtistSpeciality ActsJohannesburg & Cape Town

A caricature artist refers to a special style of a portrait artist. A caricature is a portrait or depiction of real-life people in a humerous cartoon style. Normally a sketch takes arount 5 mins so approx 10 to 12 in an hour. An alternative is a digital caricature artist who works with an ipad and the image can be emailed to the portrait subject. The client could also have a screen at the event with the live drawing being shown on the screen for all to see. We charge by the hour with a reduced price for more than one hour.

Dress Up Box

Dress Up BoxSpeciality ActsJohannesburg & Cape Town

This is usually popular in conjunction with a photo booth or a themed backdrop for photos. The box will be filled with accessories that are matched to the theme of the event. We have a variety of backdrops that are available for hire.

Football Trickster

Football TricksterSpeciality ActsJohannesburg & Cape Town

We have some very skilled football tricksters who wow the guests with their ball skills. They perform a variety of tricks using their feet, hands and heads and even some tricks from a lying down position. They are available to coach children at parties and to do demos at bigger functions.

Fortune Teller

Fortune TellerSpeciality ActsJohannesburg & Cape Town

This is normally a Tarot Card Fortune Teller and is very popular. The Fortune Teller will sit with guests in a secluded corner with candles and inscents to give the appropriate atmosphere. They will read the guests past, present and future.

Gatsby Dancers

Gatsby DancersSpeciality ActsJohannesburg & Cape Town

We recommend a minimum of 3 Gatsby Dancers. They are traditionally dressed in 1920's style and a variety of colours are available. Usually they will arrive to do a meet and greet with the guests then perform a one song dance and be available for photo opportunities afterwards.

Grafitti Artist

Grafitti ArtistSpeciality ActsJohannesburg & Cape Town

Normally a Grafitti Artist will perform live grafitti on a canvas or wall depending on the client's wishes. They can do company logos, or any themed pcture of the client's choosing. The price is dependant on the specifications from the client and will include all materials.

Hula Hula Dancers

Hula Hula DancersSpeciality ActsJohannesburg & Cape Town

This act is usually combined with a limbo dance competition. It is great for Hawaain or island themed events. They are traditionally dressed in Hula costumes and will do a one song dance then be available for Limbo or just teaching the guest how to Hula.

Laser Ring Show

Laser Ring ShowSpeciality ActsJohannesburg & Cape Town

A spectacular duo acrobatic ring act comes to life as they are illuminated and engulfed by laser light and smoke, creating a dazzling display of sense, skill and sensuality. In the free standing ring act, two beautiful flexible women perform unbelievable acrobatic moves which create this mesmerising show together with the amazing lasers and smoke. This superbly choreographed show is truly unique and a wonderful option if you are looking to offer your guests one of the latest and most novel acts around.

Led Cyr Wheel

Led Cyr WheelSpeciality ActsJohannesburg & Cape Town

The Cyr Wheel is an acrobatic apparatus that consists of a single large ring made of aliminium or steel. The performer stands inside the Cyr Wheel Holding onto the edge causing it to roll and spin gyroscolpically while performing acrobatic moves is and around the rotating wheel. LED lights have been added to the ring to elevate the performance especially at night.

Line Dancers

Line DancersSpeciality ActsJohannesburg & Cape Town

With line dancing we normally would do a demo dance of one song then get the guests to join in and have a lesson of around 15 to 20 mins. The dancers will get people onto the dance floor and be around for photo opportunities afterwards. Price is per dancer and we would recommend at least three dancers.

Makishi Dancers

Makishi DancersSpeciality ActsJohannesburg & Cape Town

These are traditionally dancers of Zambian origin. Makishi means Masked and the dancers wear large extravigant masks sometimes covering most of their body. Makishi dancers have intrigued and intimidated audiences for centuries. The makishi are shrouded in secrecy and it is taboo to ask who hides behind the mask. Two options available:
5 Min Show
One hour of roaming and interaction with guests

Rubiks Cube Artist

Rubiks Cube ArtistSpeciality ActsJohannesburg & Cape Town

The only artist of this kind in South Africa, this amazingly talented Rubiks Cube Artist creates masterpieces in front of your eyes! He has traveled both nationally and internationally, creating spectacular pieces as he goes along. Usually booked for 4-5 hours depending on the message or mural or logo you would like to depict. It's the most visually satisfying, spectacular act you can add to your event.

Sumo Wrestlers

Sumo WrestlersSpeciality ActsJohannesburg & Cape Town

Sumo wrestling suits, great fun to be had by all!  Includes playing mat and 2 x head gear for colleagues, guests to jump in and have some fun trying to push the other person down. Also hilarious fun for those watching. Can only be set up on grass. 

The Bubble

The BubbleSpeciality ActsJohannesburg & Cape Town

The Bubble elevates a musical performance by creating a magical space for artistry. It is a clear, glass-like, luminescent sphere that bathes the performer in light. Our handpicked musicians are the very best in their respective genres, and display exceptional skill, versatility and stage presence. The Bubble can be successfully utilized in a variety of settings during the night or day. Easy to set up and strike, The Bubble is suitable for occasions from small corporate functions to large conventions and exhibitions.

The Galaxy Dress

The Galaxy DressSpeciality ActsJohannesburg & Cape Town

Elegant and eye-catching, The Galaxy Dress is a magnificent new corporate entertainment concept designed and created by Red Cello Productions. This labour of love includes nearly 1000 lights individually tailored to create a dazzling ‘fashion meets music meets LED’ effect.

Virtual and Augmented reality games and team building for corporates

Virtual and Augmented reality games and team building for corporatesSpeciality ActsJohannesburg & Cape Town

It is time to get with the e-trends and have a lot of fun while doing so. There are a variety of extremely fun games, activities and competitions to book using either VR or AR technology. It is not as complicated as you might think! Depending on the option you decide on, we can set up at your office or our own location. We can arrange some activities to be played from home or offices around the world. Participants can range between 5 or 200 people and durations between 30 and 180 minutes.

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