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About Spoegwolf

Spoegwolf Members:
Moskou du Toit - Drums, Percussion
Chris von Wielligh - Guitar, Piano
Albert van der Merwe - Bass Guitar, Vocals, Rap
Danie du Toit - Vocals, Guitar

From the charming town of Paarl, South Africa emerges a musical force that's been making waves since 2012: Spoegwolf. This captivating Afrikaans rock band, consisting of Moskou du Toit, Chris von Wielligh, Albert van der Merwe, and Danie du Toit, has a unique blend of rock influences, heartfelt lyrics, and an electrifying stage presence that has firmly established them as a musical phenomenon.

The story of Spoegwolf began during their high school years when these talented individuals came together. Originally known as "Ysterkoei," their musical prowess quickly attracted the attention of industry insiders. This led to a recording contract with Paris Recording Studios, marking the initial spark of their incredible journey. In 2012, they reinvented themselves as "Spoegwolf" and released their debut album, "Swaartekrag," setting the stage for their remarkable odyssey.

With each album release, Spoegwolf has continued to evolve, captivating audiences across South Africa. Their discography features a diverse range of albums, including "Somer," "Die Donker Toring," and "Koma," each a testament to their musical prowess and creative evolution. Notably, their 2019 album "Koma" propelled them to the number one spot on the Apple Music charts in South Africa, a historic achievement in the realm of Afrikaans music.

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More About Spoegwolf

Spoegwolf's influence extends beyond their music. Lead singer Danie du Toit, in addition to his musical talents, is a published poet, reflecting the band's commitment to diverse artistic expression. Their authenticity, storytelling prowess, and electric performances have solidified their place in the hearts of fans, making them a prominent figure in the South African music landscape.

To discover the essence of Spoegwolf, visit their official website at spoegwolf.com. It's not just about music; it's about an experience waiting to be uncovered. Join their ever-growing community of fans and become a part of the musical phenomenon that is Spoegwolf.

Spoegwolf like to regard themselves as a touring band. In fact, Craig Hinds attributes much of the band’s success to their relentless, grass roots touring strategy; it’s a simple matter of taking your music to the people, if music for the people is what you’re trying to make.

If you're looking to elevate your event or celebration, consider booking Spoegwolf for an electrifying performance that blends rock with soulful storytelling. Their music is more than a sound; it's an emotional journey that will leave a lasting impression on your audience. Don't miss the opportunity to bring the spirit of Spoegwolf to your stage.


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