- October 2023
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Oh yeah!

October is the month to have a whale of a time… splish splash, don’t forget about the Hermanus Whale Festival. (This is something every South African should try do with their family at least once.)


PS, the festival ends on the 1st of October but the whales are around a few weeks longer putting on a great show!


On the subject of great shows, we have both local and international bands on our website offering world standard performances. Supporting local is lekker, but if you want to go international, at least bring the acts back home! Honestly, the options are so mooi!

International bands
Local bands

Netflix, I am still watching!


For something else to watch click <HERE>. It’s the right thing to do.


You can also watch Eugene Khoza and Anton Botha entertaining you below!

EO - Event Glue


We going to stick this to you: some people can fix anything with duct tape. Others use super glue. At events the ‘glue’ that holds everything together is called the MCs or the Master of Ceremonies please.  You apply them on stage with a dab of microphone:



That’s okay, maybe you have the face for radio instead? Shoh! Shots fired, but totally joking. We have seen you online and know your a looker, too good for radio! On our website we have some famous AND GOOD LOOKING radio celebrities. Success starts <HERE>, and for all the others try <HERE>

EO Specialty Acts


We know you are! We have some SPECIAL acts and other activities you probably never even knew existed for events? It’s true! Take a look: https://www.entertainment-online.co.za/speciality.htm



You know when ‘they’ don’t have the price displayed in the shop for that ‘something something’ you keen on?


We don’t want our website to be like that.


The challenge is we literally trade in human time and talent, and those peeps don’t want to have a price tag displayed. You have to engage and do some bargaining first. In the meantime we created a price guideline: <HERE>.


We promise we will prepare the best priced quote for you 1 time. Don’t be shy, ask a shop assistant:  <HERE>

EO Price Examples


We are always looking for more friends. The good types. Not the ones who ‘forget’ to bring their wallets all the time when going to restaurants and bars. (You know the type?) Our business Facebook accounts allows you to see INFORMATION ON NEW ACTS, photos, reviews and videos. Come give us love and follow us <HERE>



We only add the best of the best onto our website. We are very proud and excited to announce these new features for you to book at events.


Becoming Dr. Andy

(Motivational Speaker):


Becoming Dr. Andy

Tokyo Groove

(Corporate & Party Band):



Tokyo Groove

Have a lekker Spring everyone! SUMMER IS ON ITS WAY!

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